Hi, I’m Petar, a designer/developer at Semaphore.
Couple of words about me.

About me

My expertise is in design and production of web applications. For years I’ve been helping various products be more useful and meaningful.

Currently I work on Semaphore, a robust tool for developers. I run product design and help shape product strategy.

Petar Perovic

In past I was at innovative home insurance startup Super, lead design at a project management app ActiveCollab, and ran a design consultancy Superawesome.

My previous work with Semaphore was featured on Typewolf, a website that lists outstanding typography on the web. I didn’t work on the current website, though.

Every once in a while I’m invited to speak at industry events, mostly sharing what I know about product design and typography.

I’ve been living in Porto, Portugal for years now, and my hometown is Novi Sad, Serbia.

I lazy tweet from @ropsii.