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Reflections about design, software, how systems relate to each other and how they impact the society.

Predictability ✳ Jan 2021, 4 min. read

A lesson from professional basketball

Thinking in Friction ✳ Dec 2020, 3 min. read

How to adjust the speed of interaction

Why Don’t You Take More Risks ✳ Nov 2020, 3 min. read

What makes some people more entrepreneurial than others?

On Productivity ✳ Nov 2020, 8 min. read

Why we get up for work every day?

Ugly Blue Links ✳ Jul 2020, 3 min. read

Usable is beautiful

Beyond User Needs and Business Goals ✳ May 2020, 4 min. read

Towards a more considerate participation

My 10x Developer ✳ Dec 2019, 3 min. read

Product design as collective effort

Why So Many UX Books Suck? ✳ Sep 2019, 3 min. read

What’s bothering me about the popular UX literature

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