Petar Perović Software Designer

I’m a Portugal-based designer. Last I led product design at Semaphore CI, a tool for developers. Currently, I’m on sabbatical but open to discuss future roles.

petar perovic

I irregularly write about design, software and society.

What does a design leader do? How different companies describe this role can vary a lot. It indicates anything from managing a design team and helping shape the product strategy to mentoring designers, directing the...
I was lucky to be in command of complex product redesigns several times in my career. My contributions spread across all levels: Recreating everything from the structure, behavior, and interaction to the visual design. Up...


Jan 2, 2021
The NBA has become one of the most successful sports products ever, partly thanks to perfecting the advanced statistical metrics to absurd detail. Heavy use of computer statistics entered American professional sports in the early...

Thinking in Friction

Dec 27, 2020
One of the core ideas of interaction design is to enable users to glide smoothly to their destination with as little friction as possible. To make people experience the software as an extension of their...
Unlike popular belief, innovation is far from a miracle, a moment of brilliance, or a unique event in the life of the innovator. It’s the result of a long, immersive process and a deep interest...

On Productivity

Nov 1, 2020
We’re bombarded daily with tips on how to do more in less time. We hear how the most successful people have this secret thing that makes them super-productive. They tell us getting enough sleep, eating...
Designers need a constant reminder about the fundamentals of good UI design. The goal of graphic design in user interfaces is to make content accessible, understandable and easier to consume.
People just starting out in product design are commonly driven by a simple desire to make things pretty. In the beginning there’s almost no greater goal, we’re moving shapes, colors and words around, trying to...

My 10x Developer

Dec 14, 2019
In engineering driven organizations design is slightly undervalued almost by nature. I’ve witnessed many times how challenging it can be to achieve excellence in design when company spirit is rooted in engineering.
Early in my career I was always in doubt with my process. I thought there was a procedure, a recipe how everyone should design. Because my improvisation, surely, wasn’t the most optimal way.

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